Hand-made shoes naturally deserve proper maintenance, as this will enable you to continue wearing them with pleasure for years to come. It is therefore advisable to have your shoes extensively serviced on a regular basis. In the process of servicing your shoes, we first partly dismantle then reassemble them on the original last using new parts. Provided the uppers have been well cared for, then your shoes will look like new following servicing.

If your shoes are in need of repair, please send them to:
Schoenfabriek H. Greve BV
Afdeling Revisie
Hoogeinde 64a
5142 GD Waalwijk
The Netherlands

Or you may prefer to forward them to us through one of the Greve specialists on this list.

Are you curious as to what we actually do with your hand-made shoes during those four weeks that they are away for servicing? If so, then read the following brief description:

  • The complete bottom stocks (soles and heels) are removed. This reveals the perished and worn cork layer, which we also remove.

  • The shoes are then lasted using the original last on which they were made.

  • We apply a new cork layer to the base. This fluid layer will assume the shape of your foot during the first few days that you wear your serviced shoes. 

  • The arch support is inserted in the soft cork layer. This longitudinal support is designed to prevent fallen arches.

  • The new leather undersoles are left to soak in a bath of special Greve oil. This renders the soles more hard wearing and watertight, while still allowing them to ‘breathe’.

  • The undersoles are attached in several stages. We first loosely attach the impregnated undersoles with adhesive. Then, we gouge a groove in the soles, through which they are stitched on.

  • We next attach new lift heels to your shoes. This type of heel is built up of various layers of leather and therefore provides far superior shock absorption to a solid heel. Setting the heel is a highly meticulous job, as it has to bear the stresses and strains of the entire shoe.

  • The interior of the shoes is also inspected, and repaired or replaced wherever necessary. We also fit new insoles if they are required.

  • Then finally, your shoes undergo extensive finishing. The edges of the sole and heel are dyed. The original colour is also applied to the uppers.