Use a shoehorn when putting on your shoes. Take care not to stamp down the heel of the uppers, and always loosen the laces thoroughly. Leather shoes should ideally be stored in a breathable shoe bag or a dry, well-ventilated space.

Change your shoes regularly
Your shoes need to ‘breathe’; your feet exude the equivalent of eggcup full of moisture daily. It is therefore prudent practice to change your shoes regularly, and preferably each day. This gives your shoes time to dry out and lets the leather ‘relax’. Furthermore, regularly changing shoes is good for your feet. Your shoes should preferably be left to dry in the open air. In fact, we thoroughly discourage the practice of drying Greve shoes in an enclosed space (such as a car boot) or in the immediate vicinity of a heat source, as it has a detrimental effect on the leather.

Use of shoe trees
We recommend the use of shoe trees to retain the shape of your shoes. Shoe trees made of untreated wood also adequately absorb moisture from the shoes. While trees should ideally be inserted in your shoes as soon as you remove them, you should avoid putting them in shoes which are already cold and dry. Please note: sprung shoe trees are inclined to stretch the instep of your shoes.

Do not polish your shoes too often
Calfskin leather is delicate natural material, which should be regularly treated with a small quantity of good quality shoe polish. Always ensure that both the shoes and any dirt deposits are thoroughly dry before commencing. First, remove dirt using a brush. If there are any ingrained deposits remaining, wipe them with a damp cloth, then let the shoes dry thoroughly. Remove the shoelaces before applying the appropriate colour of shoe polish with a dry cloth. Apply polish to all exposed areas of leather, then let it soak in for several minutes. Finish by polishing your shoes thoroughly using a horsehair brush.

Protect the suede
Suede is the buffed inner surface of the hide. It has an open-pored structure, which renders it more susceptible to soiling. Suede can be protected by applying a spray of cream. While it is advisable to use an emery board to remove ingrained soiling, great care should also be taken to avoid damaging the suede surface.

Have your shoes repaired by an expert
Your Greve shoes should last you a considerable length of time, provided they are well cared-for and repaired by an expert whenever the need arises. Exceptional shoes deserve exceptional service.