Greve custom-made shoes offer the ultimate that any truly discerning shoe enthusiast could possibly expect of a pair of stylish men’s shoes. We are the sole manufacturer with over a century’s experience of making custom-made shoes in the traditional manner, dating from 1898. Our design experience, use of the best materials available and specialist knowledge of the human foot all come together in our custom-made products.

The manufacture of a hand-made shoe is a unique process, which we complete together with you. It starts with a visit to our workshop in Waalwijk, where we measure your feet meticulously and produce a last which perfectly matches your foot and reflects your personal preferences. You have an extensive choice of numerous Greve models, types of leather, lining, finishes and personal touches, up to and including embellishing the shoes with your initials. Your custom-made shoes are then manufactured entirely by hand in our factory, and should be ready to wear within just a few weeks. We also retain details of your personal last in our workshop, ready for use whenever you place an order for a new pair or send worn ones for repair.

Our master shoemakers’ unparalleled craftsmanship basically enables us to cater to all your personal requirements. Please do not hesitate to approach us for further information using the contact data below.