NEW: Personalized Greve shoes

Greve now offers you the opportunity to have blank shoe models dyed according to your own choice. We have stocks of a broad range of shoe models and lasts available for this purpose. Interested in a unique pair of personalized shoes? If so, then simply pop in and see us!

Custom-made event for Rotary Oosterhout

This spring, the Oosterhout branch of the Rotary Club paid a visit to our shoe factory. Its members were personally welcomed by Jos Jan Greve, who went on to explain both the brand’s history and its future to them. In addition, the shoemakers gave a demonstration of the manufacture of a hand-made shoe, from the basic materials to the splendid finished product. Our chef was also on hand to make sure that the evening remained a highly tasteful occasion. It proved a successful event, and one that is certainly worth repeating.

Homage to Anton Geesink

23 October this year marks the 50th anniversary of Anton Geesink’s classic Olympic gold medal win in Japan. In homage to this highly notable judoka, the Utrecht Archives and his heirs are currently organising an exhibition. The organisers had heard a rumour that Greve still had in store the original lasts made for Anton at the time. The rumour turned out to be true, and Greve is naturally pleased to lend the exhibition Anton Geesink’s personal lasts, in honour of this great sportsman’s achievements.

Our custom events are due to restart

Each season, Greve’s master shoemakers visit our gents’ fashion stores and specialist shoe shops throughout the Netherlands. They then hold live on-site demonstrations of the manufacture of hand-made shoes, including an explanation of the entire production process. This is a truly exceptional experience. During these custom events, you also have the opportunity to view our splendid Greve Custom-made Collection. Are you curious to learn where you can watch our shoemakers at work first hand? If so then simply check the Custom Events tab for details of the latest schedule.

NEC Business Club visit to Greve

Even though Dutch football club NEC had the misfortune of being relegated just the previous weekend, a coach bearing the NEC logo and carrying a full complement of its business club members nevertheless arrived at our factory for a prearranged visit. And we have to admit it: these gents from Nijmegen turned out to be good losers, doing their utmost to make it a pleasant evening out. Perhaps they just felt at home in the RKC supporters’ backyard. After all, we are scheduled to meet one another again very soon, though in the Jupiler League this time.

Greve sponsorship

In collaboration with the Van Mossel Volkswagen and Audi dealership, Greve has been sponsoring two charities for the past year: Emmaus and Kika. Greve is always pleased to contribute towards such sympathetic initiatives.

Ruud van Nistelrooy stands for Greve

While Greve has long been associated with high-quality, traditional men's shoes, the collection has been significantly extended and rejuvenated in recent years. Besides classic dress shoes, we also make a broad range of leisure shoes, also for younger users.

The actor Huub Stapel has until recently served as the figurehead for our brand; a sympathetic man with a classic image. Well-known, but more in particular among an older audience. Greve was looking for a younger face for a broader target group and found Ruud van Nistelrooy.

Ruud commands respect worldwide and perfectly represents the Greve values: original, Dutch and youthful sporty. No surprise therefore that a photo of Ruud adorns our Spring campaign.

Customised event for introduction of Audi A8

Audi Netherlands was looking for compact and high-quality events to present the new Audi A8. A visit to our shoe factory in Waalwijk is just such an occasion. Jos Jan Greve welcomed 30 clients on a November evening.

He told about the history and future of the brand Greve, while shoemakers demonstrated the manual process and De Lindenhof satisfied the taste buds. A successful evening that will most definitely be repeated in 2014.

Jack van Gelder also stands for Greve

Fan of AFC, rapid fire questions, critical, but always with a ready laugh, and all too often with painful feet owing to pinching shoes. Greve relieved him of that discomfort with made-to-measure shoes. A grateful telephone call followed. Jack van Gelder now also stands for Greve.

Visit by Butler Academy

Last month we received a group of international and professional butlers. Purpose of this visit was to acquaint the group with the production process and maintenance of our Greve shoes. The butlers can now provide their ‘Lords’ with expert advice when it comes to their footwear needs.

Custom events soon on tour again

Each season, our Greve shoemakers visit our gents fashion stores and specialised shoe stores in the Netherlands. Live and on location, they demonstrate their shoemaking skills and explain the production process (up to and including the colouring process).

Fascination guaranteed. And when you're there, be sure to take a look at our magnificent Greve made-to-measure collection. If you want to know where our shoemakers are displaying their trade, go to Custum Events for the latest agenda.

Jaguar Club makes a stop at Greve

The most exquisite classic Jaguars on a sunny day at our dam in Waalwijk. An interim stop at the shoe factory, a brief introduction to Greve and a delicious lunch. We acquired several new Greve fans while, in turn, our shoemakers fell in love with Jaguar. Warm feelings all round.